Specializing in:
Estate Planning
Property Tax

John R Bolster
Attorney at Law
Representing Clients in Longview, TX
and surrounding areas

John R Bolster                 

Fields Covered:
Family Law
Elder Law
Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Examples of Cases Represented

Partition Litigation

If you own an undivided interest in land and would like to partition the interests please contact John Bolster.

Trespass to Try Title

If you are in a dispute regarding land boundaries or who owns parts of certain lands, Mr. Bolster can help.

Property Tax Issues

I was a Tax Attorney for almost 30 years before opening my small business. If you have a dispute with the local appraisal district regarding the value of your property, I will help and represent you.

Landlord-Tenant Issues

I will make the process of evicting a non-paying tenant as easy and fast as possible.

Any other Real Estate Issues

Please contact me, John Bolster, with any other Real Estate issues you may have that aren't shown above.