Specializing in:
Estate Planning
Property Tax

John R Bolster
Attorney at Law
Representing Clients in Longview, TX
and surrounding areas

John R Bolster                 

Fields Covered:
Family Law
Elder Law
Real Estate Law

Attorney at Law Bio

My Story

How I found my purpose

Gaining Experience

Relying on the rigorous court room practice and broad foundation of legal knowledge accrued attending law school, I started my career in Property Tax Law. Eventually, partner status was obtained but it did not give me a feel of satisfaction that can be found from solving family issues.

During my time as a Tax Attorney I'd like to think the money collected helped educate children, provide local emergency utilities, and maintain local roads. I plan to use these obtained skills, my knowledge of problem solving, and my courtroom experience to help my clients.

Personal Life

I am married to my wonderful wife Kara, and have a son; Blake. Volunteering is one of my passions, and currently I am on the Junior Achievement Board of Directors for East Texas as well as Longview Habitat for Humanity. 

I have been a City Council Representative for Longview, TX, and currently attend Saint Mary's Catholic Church. 

If you want a lawyer who can empathize with your problem and give you personalized attention, then we can work together. The first step in solving any legal problem is finding a lawyer that you can talk to and will listen carefully to you. I can do that!